Services for Business and Other Groups

Are you in need of experienced and knowledgeable nurses to travel to your facility? If so, look no further than the Elite Medical Academy nursing staff. We offer training within all of our programs throughout the Tampa Bay area and travel to facilities throughout Florida to conduct our CNA program. Our team provides site-specific training and discounted rates as indicated. We have a certified wound nurse on staff who is widely revered for her knowledge base, experience, and intellect. She is the perfect professional to identify and customize training to help your group in wound prevention as well as the management of skin integrity.

What We Provide: Programs and Beyond

Our business services wing provides CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) program training at client locations throughout Florida, as well as our school. If you conduct business in Tampa, Florida, you are within a reasonable drive of our location. We also provide CPR/BLS training, BBP/HIV education, and medical technician 4-hour and 2-hour renewals. Our American Heart Provider CPR/BLS 4-hour course is tailored to help people provide highly effective resuscitation. These techniques are proven to work by the American Heart Association. Certification lasts for two years.

Our Blood Borne Pathogens/HIV course is tailored to professionals who have the potential to come into contact with blood borne pathogens. This American Heart Association course teaches students the best ways to prevent pathogen exposure and how to proceed if exposed. Our team also teaches the ins and outs of wound care and skin care. If you are looking for continuing education units (CEUs), Elite Medical Academy is your go-to provider. We take part in competency skills fairs to comply with all of the new ACHA regulations for nurses.

Group Pricing for Facilities

Elite Medical Academy offers special group pricing for facilities throughout the greater Tampa Bay area. If you own or manage any facility in the area, reach out to our team for assistance. You will find our business solutions are surprisingly affordable for your group. Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a group price quote for your facility. Give us a call and we will gladly discuss the discounts we make available for groups looking to learn from our highly-skilled business services team.