About Our School

Healthy Helpful Insight Healthcare Institute is a Minneapolis/St. Paul-based, CNA Training School that offers live, in-person classes for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the medical field. We currently offer CPR/FirstAid/AED classes also.

Our course offerings include CNA training, AED training, CPR training, and caregiver training. We also offer course materials for purchase to practice your skills at home.

Our entry level training programs will give you the essential skills you’ll need to pass your State Board Exams and then work in the medical field as a CNA or can be used as the first stepping stone to pursue your nursing degree.

About Our Leadership

Latasha Lee is the founder and operator of Healthy Helpful Insight Healthcare Institute. An extensive background in the healthcare industry, Latasha currently sits on the Minnesota Board of nursing where she was appointed to a four year term by the governor, she is one of the nine founding members of Black Nurses Rock Twin Cities chapter, a member of the NAACP behavior and wellness committee, and a member of the Northside Fresh coalition. Being in the nursing field nearly 14 years, she recently completed her Master’s degree in the Family Nurse Practitioner track. Her experience ranges in medical-surgical nursing, oncology, neurology, pediatrics, school nursing, residential treatment for boys ages 8-18 that have been abused or neglected, women’s substance abuse and alcohol treatment facilities, and also nursing management. 

This entrepreneur, born and raised in Decatur, Illinois, moved to Minneapolis In 2016. Being a divorced mother of two adds to her awareness of healthcare dynamics, including supply and demand and the importance of diversity in the healthcare industry. Latasha formed Healthy Helpful Insight Healthcare Institute to assist with the disparities.