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You will immerse yourself in the healthcare industry, making your road to becoming a nurse so much easier and most companies will promote you when they may overlook new graduates. The need for CNA’s is growing fast and soon this job category is expected to be the largest work force in America.

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Welcome to Healthy Helpful Insight Healthcare Institute 

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Healthy Helpful Insight Healthcare Institute offers several classes. We offer a 5-week Certified Nursing Assistant class, CPR/AED/First Aid classes, and Traumatic Bleed Training classes.

Our Certified Nursing Assistant classes are 5 weeks and once completed the students are able to sit for the state certification. The CPR/AED/First Aid classes are completed the same day and a CPR card will be provided via email within 72 hours. The Traumatic Bleed Training class is also completed the same day and a certificate is given to the students on that day after completion.

Healthy Helpful Insight Healthcare Institute is a Training School that offers in-person classes for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the medical field

Our entry level training CNA training program will provide the skills students need to pass the state certification which will allow them to work in the medical sector. The CNA training can be used as a career or can be used as the first steppingstone to pursue your nursing degree.


The Path to Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant

If you aim to become a nurse getting a CNA certification is beneficial. This will allow you to get some experience in the healthcare industry. This initial industry experience provides a foundation for your CNA certification and your career. Experience gives students a greater advantage in the application pool. Employers will hire and promote you above other candidates, as you have demonstrated your passion for the healthcare field and obtained meaningful experience.

What CNAs Do

You will work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. You will serve an important role as the bridge between the patient and the RN/LPN. In terms of job settings, CNAs work in an array of different environments ranging from assisted living facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, patient homes, and adult day care centers. As long as you have a robust work ethic and the desire to care for others, you will succeed as a CNA.


Become a Part of This Rapidly Growing Field

The demand for CNAs is skyrocketing. Fast forward three years and this line of work will likely constitute the largest component of the country’s workforce. Get the ball rolling on your Certified Nursing Assistant career today by allowing us to help you obtain your CNA certification. Our In-Person CNA class is now available



You'll learn to perform CPR on adults, children, and infants with rescue breaths and chest compressions.  

First Aid

First aid is the medical attention provided in the aftermath of an injury. It is usually administered to any person suffering from either a minor or serious illness or injury.


AED is of course an acronym for Automated External Defibrillator, which is a device that corrects a deadly heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation